Parametric video editing

Easy-loging 2.0 / shuffle script

Shuffle script

The idea came in July 14' during a discussion with David McSween. It's a script that uses your metadata (tags) to create a random video sequence. Not entirely random though. You feed the script with a pattern of tags that it will follow. Also, if you use a music, the script will make sure not to miss the beat.

What for?

Originally made to create musical video sequences, you can use it for tons of other fun projects. Recently David had the idea to make random animated backgrounds with it. How cool is that ?

How do I use it?

Once you have some metadata (meaning you already logged and tagged some videos) you can use the script. Download the easy-logging layout and change the file browser for a text editor. The script is already inside. Onto a video sequencer, drop a music. From the text editor, select the script if it's not already visible and click 'run'. Enjoy the show. If you don't like the result, delete it and click again, and again, and again. You can adjust some parameters to suit the rythme of the editing to the tempo of the music. Here's 4 different results put together :