Easy-logging 2.0

  • Logging system for the Blender VSE

    Metadata is out!

  • De-rush tons of footage

    Fast and clean logging system

  • 3-Point Editing workflow

    As fast as 3 clicks

Easy-logging 2.0 is an addon that offers de-rushing and tagging functionnalities to the Blender video sequence editor.
Current version: 2.1.5 beta - several bugs fixed since 2.0

About Easy-Logging

Easy-logging is a simple logging system for the VSE


A great Non Linear Video Editor

Logging video footage - as you know - is not the strong point of Blender. That's a shame because It's a basic need for everyone and it prevent people from using Blender as a NLE.

Easy-logging is an addon that offers de-rushing and tagging functionnalities to the Blender video sequence editor. The interface and principle are made to be simple, non-intrusive and consistent with blender's workflow.

...that needed a logging tool.

Easy-logging is mostly the fruit of the ingeniosity of David McSween who brought all the great ideas that makes this addon a marvelous tool for every Blender enthousiast video editors!

I have used it for over a year now and de-rushed hours and hours of footage. I think it works pretty well but I am sure it can be improved and I'd be glad to hear your input !

Metadata is not project-related,
The logging-job is done once and for all
Easy-logging 2.0


Like any other addon, the installation is a piece of cake!

1 - Download

From this page, download the latest version of the addon. Leave it zipped.

2 - Blender User Preferences

From Blender: File > User preferences > Add-ons > Install from file..

3 - Activate

Type 'Easy-logging' in the search area and activate it.

4 - Video Editing Layout

Choose the video editing layout and change the Curve Editor for a File Browser (or use my layout).

Keeping track on your tags ?
The tag-scenes take care of that.

Easy-logging Manual

A serie of short videos to understand the basics

First, go ahead and download this convenient layout. Alternatively, you may also choose the 'Video Editing' layout from the default blender file and change the f-curve window for a file browser.

3 point editing (in / out / place)

Import a trimmed clip into your sequence

Use a tag to import a portion of a clip

Create and use the tag scenes

Metastrips and complex editing

Parametric video editing
A fast and fun way to edit and sync clips with music.


Bug reports, feature requests and love...

Nikos (Nicolas Priniotakis)






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